Someone is a little mad…  (bawleted)


I think the ones she told to end their lives and the ones she called as whores,bitchs,clusterfucks,dipshit,racist,fuckers and a ton of other horrid names aren’t close to be as depressed as she is right now,after all,her precious alicorn oc got posted on a tumblr blog!Why is life so cruel.

Totes not over powered if you only control 16 elements (3 of which look like canon elements), and not the canon 6.

Also her backstory is amazing.

Princess Grapebloom

Princess Grapebloom

Alicorn who is the Holder of The Elements. OP as hell, not to mention her owner is rude as hell.

She says “Wow a silly bitch with no potential. Don’t even know what troll is how exciting. Kill yourself” and “Kill yourself.  xD”

Here is the link to that:

These aren’t bad at all,but the one who did this wants people to pay 3$,5$ or even 30$ to have a pony made of rice with seaweed around it,Jesus Christ.


She said she couldn’t care less about points and all she cares about is her species,but the way she threated those persons in these breedable foal adoption seems to flip the tables,she seemed desperate for the breeders to send the points to her lmao.

I..I actually like this… QxQ

(maybe not the seepage, kind of gross)


This girl is just PLAIN mean!

She thinks her adoptables are THE BESTS and makes such strict rules such as “i have the rights to take them back” and “You can give me them back,but i won’t refund you”.

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Creepy Pasta oc’s are bad enough as it is. But this is on a whole new level

ew, no